Bridgestreet Lending offers individuals and businesses access to private hard money loans by collateralizing non-occupied real estate. Our qualified team of professionals understands that time is money and your loan is our priority. Let Bridgestreet Lending guide you across those turbulent waters.

When conventional loans aren't an option, Bridgestreet Lending can help get money for your business fast and easy. We understand that businesses can have seasonal liquidity issues or growth might be taking off too fast to leverage a bank loan. Whatever the reason, Bridestreet Lending can assist.

Bank loans take months, but Bridgestreet Lending will get the money you need in just days. Whether you’re buying investment properties, ‘fixing & flipping’, or just need non-traditional financing options, Bridgestreet Lending provides the resources you need.

Bridgestreet Lending specializes in short-term loans that bridge the gap between tough times and expected income. Let us help you get to the other end by supplying your financial needs.

Perhaps your lending needs are based on a combination of factors that don’t easily fit any traditional category. At Bridgestreet Lending, we will consider any special requests you may have.

Types of Loans

NMLS ID: 1544283
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Matthew Cole

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS ID: 1533911

727-571-2088 or 706-964-8800

$10,000 - $500,000 

Private Hard Money Loans

NMLS ID: 1544283